Leo Feininger


Above all else, my work is a celebration of nature, but in particular, the temperate forests of North America. I am inspired by the patterns and geometry found in all corners of the natural world, and by the morphological similarities that exist between plants and animals. I like to look for natural coincidences: branches that resemble hands, faces in rocks and tree trunks, as well as more unfamiliar forms derived from other chance meetings. I strive to make sense of these secrets through continual observation and contemplation. I hope to inspire a childlike sense of wonder in viewers of my work. I hope to reinvigorate an awed respect for the natural world that is so lacking in modern times.

Autumn blue, 14inx12in, reductive woodcut

Sunset and stillness on pine lake, 13inx22in, multiblock reductive woodcut

Strider, 13inx16in, reductive woodcut

Autumn deepens on endless beech forest, 16inx13in, multiblock reductive woodcut

A morning in the forest, 16inx13in, reductive woodcut