Kathleen Wynn

I have been drawn to the exploration of the human figure for my entire adult life, first with pencil and charcoal, then with oils. I’ve continued this interest via printmaking. I find rendering the body challenging, engaging and inspiring, capturing movement, investigating the interaction of subject and background, and depicting emotion through gesture. Recently, I’ve become interested in capturing momentary images through woodcuts and monotypes based on both  “found” photographs from thrift shops and some that I have taken myself. Besides being involved with these aesthetic considerations, I find the physical process of printmaking tremendously immersive. I love the anticipation of pulling a print off the press. Every print is a surprise.

Sarah, 17×12, Aquatint

Reclining Woman, 6×6, Open Bite & Aquatint

Dancing in the Dark, 16×12, Monotype

At the Beach, 10×8, Aquatint

Old Man, 18×12, Woodcut

D-Train, 36×24, Woodcut