Colleen MacDonald

Reared in 60s rock and classical piano; Came of age in 70s new wave and punk; Settled into alternative rock, grunge, and jazz; Inspired by my sister’s purple and orange suede mini-skirt when I was a kid, pop art, nature, light, shadows, ocean, fog, turtles, and birds; Current obsession: birds, bird feet, turtles, my dog; Prior obsessions: rocks, seaweed, sugar cubes, turtles, my dog; Rotating obsessions: screen printing, painting, quilting, linocut, crocheting, drawing, collage, wash/rinse/repeat; Art inspirations: All the famous artists we learned about in art history class, then, Leonora Carrington, Bisa Butler, Benjamin King, Hannah Höch, Frida Kahlo, Yayoi Kusama, and Takesi Matsunaga come to mind right now!

Happy feet, 44in x20in, screenprint quilt

Ice sheet, detail, screenprint quilt

Pathways, detail, deconstructed silkscreen

Pathways, detail, deconstructed silkscreen

Metropolis, 40in x30in, monotype

Dystopia, 40inx30in, monotype