Sloat Shaw

There is something magical about lithography; I paint with tusche washes, use lithographic crayons, and a stone taken from the earth becomes a palette that I use to create new images about the earth. I enjoy working back into black and white lithographs and changing each image into a unique piece. Often, I think of how the earth changes as light washes over the image, and I include that feeling in the finished piece.

In order to draw the pulsing quality of the earth, I use chi gung and other energetic meditations to make visible an invisible landscape.

When I work, I step into the unknown, a place that feels both outside time and rich with the dreams and memories of the earth. I use meditation to enter this zone which allows the paint to flow onto the litho stone without my conscious interference. I paint ancient myths and archetypal memories, bringing them into modern relevance and using them to illuminate the transformative chaos of the 21st century.

Earth- Recovered Memories, Climbing Kailash, 25×20, Unique Lithograph

Earth-Recovered Memories-Inti-Sunset, 14×17, Unique Lithograph

Earth-Recovered Memories-Beginning the Kora- Predawn, 16×19, unique lithograph

After the Flood-Day 22-Bali Sunset, 15×22, Unique Lithograph, chine collé

Earth Recovered Memories- Mt.Athos, 15.5×22, Unique Lithograph

3 Sticks XXV-Watching from the Shore, 15×24, unique lithograph