Roxane Hynek

Printmaking for me is often a way of thinking about our world and what we know of it.
It starts as a conversation with myself and then may become part of a conversation with someone else.

Making a print is putting a visual thought about, say, the wonder of plant shapes, of human form, or how water travels onto paper, then watching how the visual image and the thought evolve. Elements of time and space, and fabric in some form, often recur in my prints.

The uncertainty of watercolor monotypes or how an image on the plate will appear once it’s printed and reversed is part of that evolution and, for me, part of the attraction of printmaking.

Ever Present, 14 h x11 w, monotype

On Guard, 14h x 11w, monotype

Four Dogs, 14h x11w, monoprint

Spring Memory, 10″h x11″w, monoprint


Untitled, 7 7/8″h x 5 3/4″w, watercolor monotype

Survivor series 4, 14″h x 11″w, monotype with charcoal