Marilyn Mase

Drawing the landscape – however abstractly or not – correlates to the motion relationships of push and pull, stop and go, back and forth. These movements often have sharp contrasts, are always unfinished and are ever ready to change. It’s this immediacy that can be a stand-in for internal thoughts. In my prints I recompose drawings I’ve done out of doors and recombine them into geometric relationships. Shapes recur and are made into stencils. In my monoprints I begin with an intaglio base overlapping the stencil shapes. Sometimes the shapes line up – to and fro – and are then interrupted by an unruly, angled polygon. Regardless of how abstract a work ultimately appears there is always a representational beginning.

Changing Landscape, 20×30, Litho, Monoprint

Red shape, 12 x12, monoprint, 2019.2-1

Red shape II, 2019, 12 x12,  monoprint.2

Two Step, 20×30, monoprint

Shadows, 12 x12, monoprint, 2019.2

Shakeup, 12 x12 , monoprint, 2020.3