Margo Lemieux

Beauty is in the momentary, in the fleeting, in the reflection of an ordinary situation, made extraordinary by the capture of attention and concentration – the light on a leaf, a dramatic cloud formation, and the extraordinary grace of an angled shadow on a floor. I strive to capture the grace of a single moment…a note of music, a fragile bubble, a beautiful flower – and hold it in place forever.

Margo Lemieux has been an artist since the first grade when she got into trouble with her teacher for “decorating” her workbook. After earning a degree in fine arts in painting from Boston University, an MFA from UMass Dartmouth in printmaking, and an M. Ed. in integrated arts curriculum, she worked as a graphic designer, tee-shirt artist, newspaper correspondent, children’s book author and illustrator, and other interesting things. She is a professor in the art & graphic design department at Lasell College.

I Snow Leopard, 36×30, litho, silk, stamps, ink

These pictures of time, 18×24, transfer, charcoal

Winter Moon, 10×4, etching

Joie de bubbles, 12×3.5, etching with aquatint

KittyKat, 5×5, lino