Amy Waltch

I have always painted. When I went to Mass. College of Art in 1983 I studied painting and printmaking. I didn’t print again until 1998 when I began taking printmaking classes at The DeCordova Museum and Art School. Printing there was all non-toxic, therefore, it was mostly monoprints and monotypes.

I love to draw, finding drawing a gratifying way to express myself. Printmaking was a way to draw and paint. The actual printmaking process is very much like painting. I have been working on woodcuts for the past few years. I love the feeling of cutting imagery into the wood.

My subject matter is mostly organic, abstracted shapes and form. I use plants, flowers, and different kinds of pods to work from.

Amaryllis, 24×18, woodcut

Fall Sun Flowers, 24×18, woodcut

Peonies, 24×18, woodcut

Sunflowers With Hawk, 24×18, woodcut

Blue Orchids, 24×18, woodcut

Amaryllis With Hawk, 24×18, woodcut